A very large co-working and private office space provider in several major cities needed a platform to manage their Sales process of selling office space.  They needed an efficient way to book tours to the office space, manage a wait list, and send contracts and get them signed and collect initial payment.  At the same time management needs a way to measure performance of all people in the company and view these metrics on a dashboard.


Solution Implemented:

Using the Salesforce platform we used Leads to capture interest from incoming phone calls, emails, and web forms filled.  We built a tour booking system inside Salesforce to check for available tour times at a specific building and to book a time and save that to Salesforce.  A form was also built on the website to book a tour automatically so the visitor can find a time available and book the tour automatically.  We saved all the tours booked in Salesforce and allowed each building to set their start and end time for tours and block off any special times as needed which updated availability in real time across all systems.  Once a tour was booked an automated email was sent to the lead confirming the time and included a link to cancel or change the tour.  Using RS Alert app we setup an automatic tour reminder SMS alert to go to the lead 1 hour before their tour with a short url to click to cancel/change their tour if needed.  Tour status is tracked in Salesforce by the employees doing the tours as a no show or tour given.  If the lead decides to take an office space the employee can select the office number on the Opportunity and click a button to send them the contract via email automatically.  The conversion of tours are tracked from no show or contract being sent for an office space.  Metrics are provided in real time on number of tours and contracts sent.  Who is converting more tours to booked office space.  The customer then clicks the unique link and that opens a custom web form that displays the entire contract pulling the data from Salesforce.  It also includes some questions about payment and requires to fill out payment information before agreeing to the contract.  Agreeing to the contract online checks authorization of the credit card and updates the Salesforce opportunity to closed won.  If an office space is not available the lead can be added to the wait list by just changing the status of the Opportunity to wait list.  Now the wait list is globally viewed by everyone in the company and date/time stamp tracked to make the process fair and transparent.  We also set up a process to email each person on the wait list each month automatically to advise them they are still on the waitlist and ask if they want to remain on the waitlist where they can click to update their status.  All this automation removes a lot of manual time spent by people to manage all these things and decreases things falling through the cracks or mistakes.