A commercial real estate firm and long time Salesforce customer self-implemented their instance and was looking to utilize it more thoroughly. Reporting was difficult since data was stored all on the Account level. They also needed an easy way to send out mass emails to clients based on NYC city blocks.


We implemented changes to the data structure to allow for multiple companies to report up to a building and multiple leases to report up to a company. This structure alone will allow for better reporting on when they need to call on customers as well as provide historical data on customer moves and even their future needs.

We implemented easy to use chatter actions to allow Sales reps to update Accounts, add new Lease info, and log activities. Sales Reps now have a rating system for activities which allows them to rate the level of contact with the client. When the rating gets high enough, a Sales manager is alerted and helps close the deal.

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In order to send out email campaigns based on NYC Neighborhoods, we implemented a solution with MapAnything and MailChimp. MapAnything maps all the active leases and allows the managers to draw areas on a map, select companies with leases on the map (example: leases close to expiry) and send mark them for a MailChimp email campaign.