A spray foam insulation provider needed to track it’s available inventory as well as all the inventory partly consumed on it’s trucks. Equipment for each job needed a better tracking system since ladders and other equipment kept getting misplaced or lost. It was clear that a better check in and out procedure was needed as the company grew. The company was already using Salesforce to track it’s sales through work orders and time entries via the mobile app.


We implemented a system on Salesforce mobile for users to check in and out equipment from the warehouse based on a labeling system that was already in place. Since end users were already using a similar system to log their time, this was an easy add on. The more important part of this task was tracking the needed inventory for each work order, the availability of that inventory at the warehouse, and the remaining product from previous jobs still on the crews’ trucks.

The system we implemented allows the warehouse manager to easily see the materials needed for the day’s work orders:

 todays work orders

Then, the warehouse manager can check the stock remaining on his crews’ trucks before getting the product ready for the day’s orders:

stock on trucks

All of this is then tied into a dashboard where the managers can now have a better understanding of how much material to buy. This greatly reduced both  wasted product from overstocking while ensuring that crews were using the appropriate amount for each job.