A conference space provider needed a way to track leases and remodeling projects across multiple buildings and rooms. The previous process was managed on a spreadsheet and was difficult to track multiple punch lists and costs while allowing multiple users to make changes to the data.


We implemented a console in lightning allowing users to track leases against spaces within buildings using custom objects. We implemented a lease signing process so that each lease opportunity could be tracked and the outcome recorded. This made it so that users weren’t going back to buildings or spaces that may not have met all the companies requirements. Tracking lease terminations in Salesforce helps operations stay on top of which spaces will need to be renegotiated.

breather test lease

We implemented dashboards to track space through the lease signing process as well as the construction process. Teams work diligently on the design and build out of these spaces and needed a good collaboration system to track all communication including any pictures. We implemented a solution using google drive to create folder links to store pictures of all projects while on site right from the user’s device.

breather test project

The process tracks costs as well as project successes and challenges and helps the company understand how to refine its process as it grows into new markets.