Office Space Managment, Tour Scheduling, Contract and Payment Automation with Salesforce

A very large co-working and private office space provider in several major cities needed a platform to manage their Sales process of selling office space. They needed an efficient way to book tours to the office space, manage a wait list, and send contracts and get them signed and collect initial payment. At the same time management needs a way to measure performance of all people in the company and view these metrics on a dashboard.

Telecom Broker Ordering, Vendor Bid Management and Commission Tracking with Salesforce

This telecom provider wanted to become more efficient and gathering customer requirements for circuits and then selecting known telecom vendors who could provide the service and sending them a request for proposal and allow them to submit proposals. Then to make the process of reviewing and selecting the Vendor for the order, establishing the margin on pricing, and sending the order form for electronic signature to the customer.

Healthcare Supplier Automation with Salesforce

Automate and make as efficient as possible the order process of supplying diabetes test strips to customers who are on Medicare.  Growth in orders was expected to rise 10 fold within 4 months and do not have the time to build a huge team so need automation.  Phone orders are taken, where the patient needs to be qualified for Medicare, their doctor identified, their doctor must sign a work order for the patient and supplier, and the order must be shipped.  Then a renewal process is needed to send more supplies depending on their prescription.