Automate and make as efficient as possible the order process of supplying diabetes test strips to customers who are on Medicare.  Growth in orders was expected to rise 10 fold within 4 months and do not have the time to build a huge team so need automation.  Phone orders are taken, where the patient needs to be qualified for Medicare, their doctor identified, their doctor must sign a work order for the patient and supplier, and the order must be shipped.  Then a renewal process is needed to send more supplies depending on their prescription.


Solution Implemented:

We implemented Salesforce to manage and automate the entire process.  The time consuming aspects of taking and preparing to ship a qualified order is to confirm the customer is really qualified for Medicare and also to get a signed work order from their doctor.  First we integrated with a healthcare insurance platform using their api so we were able to check the customer’s Medicare eligibility while creating the order record in Salesforce by clicking a button and waiting a few seconds for the response.  If passed the next step was to get the customer’s doctor which often was hard because the customer didn’t remember or have handy the full information about the doctor.  The information needed was the Doctor’s name, phone number was helpful but most important was getting their fax number so a work order could be faxed to the doctor.  Also the doctor’s NPI number (government issued id) needed to be obtained.  There is a government website that allows you to lookup a doctor in the database using their web form one at a time.  But it is external and once found needed to be copied over to Salesforce.  The government website offers a full csv download of the entire registered doctor database in the USA and updates it once a week.  We built an integration to automatically retrieve the csv every week and import/update all the doctors in the USA into Salesforce.  Then we built a custom search interface while creating the order record in Salesforce so that the customer service rep can type in any combination values including * ending search of first name, last name, phone, city, state of the doctor and search from Salesforce while on the phone with the customer then see the matching results and can confirm the doctors full name and address with the customer, then select the correct doctor which would then populate the salesforce order record with all the information.  This made identifying the doctor much much faster and also much more accurate.  Another huge advantage of having the whole doctor database in Salesforce was that the fax number is included in this database.  Once the order form is completed the customer service rep could hit save.  The system would do a check validating that the required information was populated to advance the order to the next stage automatically which was to send the work order to the doctor via fax.  We configured a work order template using Conga to auto generate the PDF of the work order with all the patient information and doctor information automatically.  Then using our RS Fax app we sent this PDF via fax automatically to the doctor’s fax number and updated the Stage of the Opportunity/Order.  All this is done automatically whereas previously order forms where filled out in word manually, then printed, then faxed.  RS Fax includes a unique barcode on the fax so that when the Doctor faxes the filled out form back, we created a queue for these work orders to be viewed inside Salesforce console in a very efficient manner allowing you to view the fax document in one area of the window and the Opportunity/Order information in the sidebar so that you can update the order record with the information being viewed on the fax very efficiently and thus confirming the order for shipment.  Once the order was ready for shipment it went into the shipping department queue in Salesforce.  We then built a custom integration with shipping carriers USPS, UPS, and Fedex to click a button on the Orde record in Salesforce which then returns the exact shipping rates for this exact order based on origin zip and designation zip code and the weight of the order.  Shipping person can select the cheapest option and a shipping label is automatically generated and printed with the postage paid.  Also in this single step the tracking number is updated on the Salesforce record and the Order Shipping Status is set to Shipped.  We set up customer alerts using our RS Alert app at key moments in the order process.  The alert will either email, send an SMS to mobile phone, or actually call the person on the phone with an automated voice recording that provides an update on the status of the order when the doctor work order was received, and when the order was shipped and including the tracking number.  For Medicare compliance we also needed to save a proof of delivery to the order record.  So we developed an integration with USPS to check the status of the delivery of each tracking number for each order shipped until it is delivered, then download and save a PDF of the proof of delivery to the Salesforce record.  In addition to all this we also created a phone tree for the company using Five9, and also a custom solution where the caller can check the status of their order and the system asks them to enter their medicare number and the system looks up the most recent order and speaks the status of the order by looking up the current status in Salesforce.