A marketing consulting company needed to have an extensive project and resource management tool to meet the needs and structure of their current business model. They needed an easy way to initially budget their resource roles that have various cost per hour throughout the time estimated for project completion in a single view. After that they wanted to be able to allocate actual resources based on availability and easily compare to whatever was budgeted. Allocated resources should have a tool to manage their assigned work and log time in a very convenient and efficient way. While management should have all hours, budgeted, allocated, and actual, rolled up to a single view to monitor success of the project.

Solution Implemented:

Using the Salesforce platform we created a project management tool that allowed us to track all required data within single platform. We used Visualforce to create a view where the client could see all roles throughout their company with hourly rate, and then be able to budget number of hours anticipated to spend each week throughout duration of the project phases. Screenshot-Budgeting-Resourses We created another view using Visualforce for the client to be able to allocate actual resources assigned to a specific role based on their availability. At the top right corner there’s a view of the total number of hours and cost that was budgeted during the previous steps, so whoever is allocating the roles can be taking this in consideration to not get over budget. All team members with their assigned roles are listed in the 2 left columns. The columns to the right of them is where the project manager can enter the hours that they want to assign for each resource to work on a project, the number after that is indicating the available weekly hours for that resource for each week ( |50) of the project duration. If the resource has assigned work from a different phase or project, his/her available hours will reflect that. This helps project manager to have a better visibility of team’s capacity without needing to communicate to each team member and gives the most efficient way to allocate resources across the company. Screenshot-Allocated-Resourses We utilized the TaskRay app for team members to use for day-to-day task management. The app allows easy task prioritizing with drag and drop functionality and useful shortcuts. Screenshot-TaskRay We created another view with Visualforce that allows the team to quickly mass-log their time spent on any project they are working on in a single view and save it with a single click. This way when people are working on a lot of different tasks, they don’t have to create a separate time entry for each task. Screenshot-Log-Hours All data from all steps is rolled up in a single view for the manager to track. Screenshot-Rollups