Track sales, renewals and returns resulting from call center activities as well as ROI and commission across multiple sales campaigns. Commission plans differed between agents and needed to be customizable. Lastly, all the sales data needed to be synced with Quickbooks and roll up to dashboards for analysis.


We implemented Five9 call center features with Salesforce so that calls are tracked against specific campaigns to calculate ROI. We implemented the native Salesforce App, Chargent for credit card processing of telephone orders as well as sending payment requests so that customers can pay online:

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Commissions are tracked based on the agent’s performance as well as the campaign and product. This meant an agent could get a different commission on each sale and we needed an easy way to present the details of their commission to them. We built a custom page to display important data to managers and agents.


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We also implemented a sync with Quickbooks so that all payments are recorded properly for accounting. We rounded out this implementation with reports, dashboards, and list views so that the day to day management of employee and campaign metrics is easy to explore and update.