Salesforce Project Management App

We can implement the sales tracking processes (aka Sales Cloud) included in Group, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Salesforce.

Project Management Options

  • We recommend two project management apps available to get you up and running very quickly.
  • Read about the two options below to see what option best meets your needs.
  • Salesforce does offer basic task management features as another option, if neither of these options works for you.
  • And, if you need us to create a custom solution, we can help! We manage our own projects in Salesforce using our own custom solution.

Our Standard Project Management App Implementation Service Includes:

  • We will install and configure one of the Project Management apps above: Milestones PM or TaskRay.
  • We will be making small modifications as needed to meet your project management and task management needs.
    Then train you how to use the app.
  • If you need a more custom solution we can help with that with a custom estimate.

Milestones PM

  • Milestones PM (aka Milestones Project and Task Management) is a free app developed by Salesforce.
  • It allows you to create projects, milestones, tasks, and record time entries related to the Tasks.
  • Milestones could be considered groupings or phases of a project where you can organize tasks under Milestones.
  • You set start and end dates, you can priortize, track status of tasks, see what is on hold, etc.
  • You assign tasks to users.
  • You can view Gantt charts showing project timeline.
  • You can track some expenses for the project.
  • It’s an open source app that is not supported/managed, so you can install the app and then customize if if you need to which is cool.
  • You can also create a Project Template which is like a template project with milestones and tasks already created, and then use that to clone a project. You can create different templates within the Project Template. We have customized the app in the past to auto create certain projects based on templates  and the opportunity type that was closed or won.
  • Checkout more about this app on AppExchange.


  • TaskRay is a task and project management app that allows you to create Projects and Tasks.
  • You can also create what they call Sub Projects which could be considered milestones or phases.
  • Tasks can be assigned to users. You can also create quick checklists on a task.
  • They have a slick user interface that allows you to quickly create tasks and drag them into buckets of priority or status.
  • There is also a cool visual force view of projects and their timelines like a Gantt chart.
  • Its very quick and easy to use.
  • You cannot out of the box record Time entries.
  • It costs $/user/month.
  • Checkout more about this app on AppExchange.

Standard Salesforce Task Management

  • Included with Salesforce is a basic task management feature.
  • You can create Tasks related to any record or not related and assign to people or yourself, set a deadline, type, put notes and attachments.
  • Tasks assigned to others you can select to notify them via email.
  • You can view all your Tasks that are still open from the Home page and close them out and view them. Different views on when they are due.
  • If all you need is basic ability of creating tasks or reminders and tracking that, then maybe these standard processes will work fine.

Custom Project Management Solution

  • You can always create a custom project management solution in Salesforce that is designed specifically for your process.
  • We for example have created our own project management system built in Salesforce to manage all our projects and tasks and record time, etc.
  • Basic functions of creating projects and tasks and assigning them and tracking status is very easy to setup with custom objects.
  • Then you can create advanced visual elements or automation rules if needed.
  • We can help design and develop these project management solutions in Salesforce with a custom estimate.

To install and customize Project Management apps in salesforce