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It’s Time to Get Your Feet Wet with AI and CPQ

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is mind boggling. Soon, computers are going to be driving cars through rush-hour traffic, making medical diagnoses, improvising five-star meals—even writing novels. But we’re not there yet. We still have a ways to go before...

Implementing CPQ Fast but Responsibly

Unfortunately, we see it a lot in our line of business. A potential customer gives us a call—all in a huff, panicking almost, frustrated that a sales software implementation by another service provider is going horribly wrong. Deadlines have come and gone. Budgets...

Forecasting Compensation Accruals Accurately

Budget flexibility is important in today’s dynamic, always-changing business environment. Organizations need to be able to react quickly and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise, allocating resources as necessary as part of an agile business...

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