Implement dynamic marketing with ease

Enabling marketers to use their imagination to organise B2B and B2C promotions and compelling customer experience.

Oracle Marketing Automation

The industry-leading marketing automation from Oracle Marketing Automation (Eloqua) helps you build and execute genius B2B strategies to increase interaction at every level of consumer experience, from the easiest to the most complex purchasing cycles. In accordance with prospect activities and attitudes, Oracle Eloqua customizes content and automates the selection, pacing, and quality of outbound marketing messages. It provides out-of-the-box analysis that is versatile and efficient to help you understand precisely how your programmes work. View all activity and utilisation metrics including bulk API operation, native CRM operation, e-mail sending, form submissions, page views and more.

Process Improvements

● Marketing Automation
● Targeting & Segmentation
● Campaign Management
● Lead Management
● Marketing Measurement
● Sales & Marketing Alignment

Track all marketing campaign activity and results with Oracle Eloqua