Oracle CPQ

Streamline Your Entire Quote-to-Order Process by centralizing business rules, product data, pricing information
with Oracle CPQ

How We Can Help

Increase sales efficiency and close transactions more efficiently with creative directed sales capability and high consistency through quotes and orders.

A5 has proven processes, value-added services, and accelerators for Oracle CPQ, which includes expertise in CRM, quoting order management, and supply chain. We create seamless customer experiences focused on complex CPQ, services, and proposals. We’ve been doing Oracle CPQ for more than 16 years and know the secret to decreasing the time and costs associated with complex sales processes and products.

Process Improvements

Oracle Configure Price Quote Cloud will make the complex price estimates and lengthy approval processes more effective. Eliminate human error and speed up quote turnaround by automating the Oracle CPQ configuration quotation process. Providing the right product and the right price at the right time. Oracle CPQ streamlines the sales activities and boosts margins and revenue growth.

  • Price optimization by leveraging AI & ML
  • Product configuration and guided selling
  • Advanced pricing & rating engine
  • Automated approval workflow
  • Quote generation w/e signature
  • Fully integrated order entry
  • Advanced deal analytics and trend analysis

real-time pricing decisions, increase the accuracy with Oracle CPQ