A5 is an Oracle Platinum Partner and maintains both the Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer Status and a position as one of the highest rated partners on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Oracle helps organizations to begin their digital transformation utilizing the power of enterprise cloud computing, software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service and data as a service.

 Benefits of Oracle CPQ

  • Lightspeed Configuration
    Quickly and easily configure even the most complex products and services with 100% accuracy.
  • Guided Selling Features for Smarter Sales
    Use the up-selling and cross-selling features to recommend products, services and drive more revenue for your business.
  • Automated Approval Process
    Accelerated review and approval processes with automated features to eliminate hang ups in the quote process.
  • Make Discount Errors Disappear
    Improve compliance and audit controls with constraint-based pricing rules on discounts and pricing.
  • Track and Analyze with Ease
    Utilize the reporting feature to analyze key performance metrics in real time in order to adjust sales strategies and enhance outcomes.

Oracle Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Between thousands of products, complex pricing calculations and lengthy approval processes, creating consistent accurate price quotes can be complicated. Oracle Configure Price Quote Cloud, the proven CPQ leader, can make that process more efficient. Eliminate human error and expedite quote turn around by automating the configuration quoting process with Oracle CPQ.

Oracle Sales Performance Management (SPM)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Historically, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have been geared towards the customers’ experiences and made the sales teams an afterthought. Now, businesses are realizing the importance of sales performance management (SPM) tools, and the demand for such tools is rapidly increasing. Oracle’s SPM tool is unique in that it is designed on a single platform, on a single database with a single user interface, and uses a single reporting platform to provide end-to-end capabilities. By enabling companies to manage their sales performance, Oracle’s SPM tool identifies and addresses problem areas, encourages successful behaviors and drives better sales techniques.

 Advantages of using Oracle SPM

  • Guide Your Sales Team to Success
    Using this solution, sales managers can offer guidance to their teams in order to support techniques learned in training and reduce on-boarding time for new hires.
  • Motivation in a Snap
    Team leaders can encourage sales behaviors by implementing and monitoring incentive and compensation plans that align with sales strategies and goals.
  • One Tool, Endless Possibilities
    Use this tool to conduct territory planning, quota modeling, create incentives and games, implement sales coaching and more.

 Must-Have OSC Features

  • Access Your CRM on Your Terms
    Sell anytime, anywhere with the mobile access to your CRM system.
  • Data-Driven Strategy
    Drive and monitor sales activity with SPM dashboards, review sales analytics and forecasting tools and integrate with the Oracle Marketing Cloud, CPQ and ERP to sync your company’s strategy and create a more complete picture of the how to reach financial goals and objectives.

Oracle Sales
Cloud (OSC)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Elevate your company’s sales performance with Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC). The OSC is a single-platform sales solution that integrates seamlessly to allow brands to grow exponentially by improving customer engagement and accelerating sales. An intuitive analytic dashboard allows sales reps to access real-time information about customers in order to anticipate needs, speed up the sales process and make adjustments to sales strategies for the future.

Oracle Service
Cloud (OSvC)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Elevate your customer experience by answering the service questions your customers have through their preferred service channels and devices with Oracle Service Cloud. This platform has everything your company needs to deliver the highest quality customer service whether you need to provide online customer care, enable a cross-channel contact center, supply fast service in the field or comply with policies and regulations. Oracle Service Cloud serves as a complete customer care solution that enhances customer satisfaction, helps team members assist customers and can adjust to fit the ever changing needs of your company.

 Upgrade Your Customer Support with Oracle OSVC

  • Self-Service for Tech-Savvy Customers
    Help customers help themselves with Oracle Service Cloud’s online customer service options such as social self-service, email support, live chat and smart engagement.
  • Every Service Agent is an Expert with OSVC
    Unified agent desktop and guided resolution, empower customer support teams and give them the tools they need.

 Effortless Marketing with Eloqua

  • Identify the Best Leads
    Qualify leads to maximize sales reps’ time and focus sales and marketing efforts on strong prospective customers.
  • Capture Your Targets’ Attention
    Create engaging landing pages and forms to push leads through the sales funnel and close more deals.
  • Focus Your Marketing on the Right Audience
    Build segmented databases for your target markets that are broken out by behavior, attributes, geography and more.
  • Let Eloqua do the Work
    Automate the distribution of marketing tasks for more efficient campaign workflows.
  • Interconnected Marketing Campaigns
    Create unified marketing calendars that integrate all your tactics and strategies across all channels into one cohesive platform.

Oracle Marketing Automation (Eloqua)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Marketing automation is the part of the formula that creates successful campaigns and lead generation. Oracle Eloqua allows marketers to capture their target audiences with highly-personalized campaigns distributed across an array of channels such as web, display search, email, video and mobile. This must-have lead and campaign management tool gives marketers insight into the consumers’ preference and allows them to interact with the buyers at the right time in the buyer’s journey in order to deliver the most effective marketing efforts.

Oracle Master Data
Management (MDM)

A5 Oracle Solutions

For enterprises with a multitude of master data domains, Oracle provides a domain master data management (MDM) solution. This solution is designed to handle the specific traits of diverse data domains in order to provide critical business data models for multiple data dimensions. This information management application also provides a single point of reference to manage the data integration from all linked systems, data quality tools customized to the master data, data regulation tools, thorough integration to share the managed data with operational applications, and data maps for important analytical systems such as data warehouses and operational business intelligence dashboards.

Components that make up the Oracle Master Data Management include

  • Oracle Customer Hub
    Manage customer information, contacts, addresses, etc.
  • Oracle Product Hub
    Regulate product information, items, new product introductions.
  • Oracle Supplier Hub
    Streamline supplier locations and related information.
  • Oracle Site Hub
    Consolidate site information by leveraging Google Maps for greater insight.
  • Oracle Data Relationship Management
    Reference master data for best-in-class hierarchy management.

Gain a Better Understanding through Analytics Dashboards

Use Oracle ERP’s dashboards and reports to make better business decision and steer your company in the right direction.

  • Boost Productivity between Departments
    Encourage collaboration and increase productivity by sharing data among your organization’s Finance and HR teams.
  • Mitigate Risks
    Quickly identify potential threats, control risk and enhance compliance with Oracle risk Management Cloud.
  • Automation with AI
    Machine learning and artificial intelligence automates routine tasks, giving team members more bandwidth to work on complex projects.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are critical for businesses because they align different departments, improve workflow efficiency and eliminate data errors. No matter what portion of the office you are working in, front middle or back, Oracle ERP ensures all systems are uniform and integrated to create a common user experience across many business functions and managed process. This system also enhances collaboration and visibility by forming a more streamlined business process, sharing data in contracts, requisitions and purchase orders. Cloud-based ERP solutions are easily implemented into any business, no matter the size. ERP is a comprehensive solution that incorporates major business operations and processes across the organization and combines them into a single point of access for ease and efficiency.

Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Modernize your supply chain with Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. Oracle’s cloud-based SCM is a low-cost, low-risk, scalable solution for businesses. This tool offers an expansive range of functions aimed at evolving your brand’s operations and giving your company a competitive advantage. The Oracle SCM system includes complete end-to-end services such as product lifecycle management, supply chain planning, procurement, logistics, order management, manufacturing and maintenance management.

Oracle SCM Features

This comprehensive SCM cloud-based suite features capabilities that include product innovation, outsourced manufacturing, strategic material sourcing, omni-channel fulfillment, integrated logistics, demand and supply planning. Using these features, your company can enjoy the visibility, insights and capabilities necessary to modernize your supply chain.


  • Easier Order Management
    Effectively manage customer orders, increase visibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Simple Product Lifecycle Management
    Accelerate operations and lower costs throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Pros of Using Oracle Configurator

  • Guided Selling Makes Sales Simple
    Simplify the selling process with guided selling features that help sales reps meet and exceed customer expectations while providing instant feedback and automatic prompts.
  • Quickly Configure Complicated Orders
    Automated pricing strategies make complex orders easier with advanced pricing.
  • Connecting International Customers to Sales Team Members
    Multi-language capabilities ensure that communication between the sales team and the customer will always be clear.



A5 Oracle Solutions

Oracle’s Configurator Cloud is a guided selling tool that provides a customizable model of configuring products and services. The application consists of two main elements: a configurator modeling capability that uses rule-based intelligence to generate a set of principles that define accepted configurations for products and services, and a configurator run-time that uses these configurator models, or optionally a simpler definition based directly on the product structure, to present a dynamic user interface for the capture of the configuration selections on an order. Pre-integrated with Oracle Order Management Cloud, Oracle Configurator Cloud eliminates order errors and the associated cost of re-work, and automates the order-to-production process to reduce overall sales cycle times.


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