Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

A5 is an Oracle Platinum Partner and maintains both the Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer Status and a position as one of the highest rated partners on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Oracle helps organizations to begin their digital transformation utilizing the power of enterprise cloud computing, software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service and data as a service.


  • Lightspeed Configuration
    Quickly and easily configure even the most complex products and services with 100% accuracy.
  • Guided Selling Features for Smarter Sales
    Use the up-selling and cross-selling features to recommend products, services and drive more revenue for your business.
  • Automated Approval Process
    Accelerated review and approval processes with automated features to eliminate hang ups in the quote process.
  • Make Discount Errors Disappear
    Improve compliance and audit controls with constraint-based pricing rules on discounts and pricing.
  • Track and Analyze with Ease
    Utilize the reporting feature to analyze key performance metrics in real time in order to adjust sales strategies and enhance outcomes.

Oracle Configure Price Quote (Oracle CPQ)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Between thousands of products, complex pricing calculations and lengthy approval processes, creating consistent accurate price quotes can be complicated. Oracle Configure Price Quote Cloud, the proven CPQ leader, can make that process more efficient. Eliminate human error and expedite quote turn around by automating the configuration quoting process with Oracle CPQ.

Oracle Process Improvements

A5 Oracle Solutions

  • Product Configuration and Guided Selling
  • Advanced Pricing & Ratings Engine
  • Automated Approval Workflow
  • Quote Generation w/eSignature
  • Fully Integrated Order Entry
  • Advanced Deal Analytics and Trend Analysis


  • Industry specific templates & pre-built connectors/integrations to save you time and money
  • Performance Testing Tools to avoid and quickly resolve any system lag times
  • Automated Testing Suite to remove the manual aspect to systems testing, increasing speed of delivery and testing accuracy
  • Embedded spreadsheets and Optical Character Recognition to extend the capabilities of the CPQ Cloud platform without cumbersome customizations
  • Excel and PowerPoint export and import capabilities to expand on the already robust CPQ Cloud Doc Designer

A5 Differentiators

  • At A5, we are about more than just systems implementation.  Our A5 offerings (Audit, Advise, Align, Attain, Assist) span the entire software ownership lifecycle and that mindset permeates each aspect of our service delivery.  We understand that most of the work happens around and outside of the implementation and we are happy to guide and assist you each step of the way.
  • At A5 our CPQ team can draw on decades of CPQ Cloud experience across a wide variety of verticals.  This means we will be bringing both an understanding of your industry and a broader set of experience that will allow you to learn from global best practices that don’t often get shared across industry lines.  Let our experience enabling sales teams across the globe help shape how you utilize CPQ Cloud and modernize your approach to selling.
  • At A5 we utilize a hybrid Agile/Waterfall methodology that allows for and anticipates the learning that often accompanies a deep dive into a CPQ implementation and sales enablement in general.  This flexibility allows us to work with you to create a solution that will work for your sales team while creating a high sense of ownership within both the user and admin groups. We follow this up with a rigorous testing cycle to ensure platform accuracy and effectiveness prior to system launch.  We’ve found this hybrid approach to be the most successful way to deliver quality projects and platforms to our clients – on time, on budget, and with high adoption.

A5 Testimonials

A5 Oracle support critical for our success.

IT Director

A5 Solutions Testimonials

The amount of support and expertise provided by A5 was critical to the success of the project. Their efforts will have a huge impact on Blackboard’s success going forward.

A5 Testimonials

A5 is one of the most knowledgeable Oracle implementers I know.

Sr. Manager, Denso

A5 Solutions Testimonials

Based on the all of the Oracle implementers we reviewed, A5 was the most knowledgeable, willing to listen and willing to advise on appropriate measures to meet our requirements. We fought to get CC approved as globally approved SI so we could use them.

Case Studies


  • Deployment Location
    North America
  • Industry
  • Products
    Oracle CPQ Cloud & Sales Cloud
  • Legacy Platform
    Lotus Notes
  • Integrations
    Oracle Sales Cloud
    JD Edwards
    Oracle Financials and Procurement
    IBM DB400

Partners Use Case Summary
A5 worked with DENSO Corporation to streamline their sales process and drive business value through a digital solution.

Top Customer Objectives and Challenges

  • Paper based quoting process
  • Limited visibility into sales process and no audit trail for compliance
  • Approved workflows were outdated and resulted in delays in the quote to cash process


  • Leveraged Oracle Sales Cloud and CPQ Cloud Integration to create a unified rocess, always subject to sales specialists specific rules
  • Developed a one of a kind approvals dashboard in Sales Cloud to greatly improve tracking, compliance and auditability for 3000 sales specialists across the world

Key Benefits

  • Automated data entry to reduce entry errors and improve efficiency
  • Provided an electronic audit trail to greatly improve compliance with various audit standards.