Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud Processes

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Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud Processes

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We Offer Different Salesforce Consulting Services


Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that makes sales, service, marketing and more easier for both businesses and their customers. Use the Salesforce applications for small, midsize and enterprise organizations, with a focus on sales and support.
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Implement Salesforce Cloud Processes

A5 Oracle Solutions

We can implement the sales tracking processes (aka Sales Cloud) included in Group, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Salesforce.
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What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

A5 Oracle Solutions

Sales Cloud is the out of the box features and processes that the Salesforce platform provides for you included with the license of Group, Professional, and Enterprise Editions. It is not included in Contact or / Platform editions.

Salesforce developed a structure and process that works for a lot of companies to manage their sales processes.
The concept of Sales Cloud process in Salesforce works like this:

  1. You track your Leads in a Leads object where you can record name, company, phone, email and other data for the lead. Leads can be created manually in Salesforce or from a web form or an email forwarded to Salesforce. Or you can import a csv file of Leads.
  2. You can setup some automatic lead assignment rules based on logic. A common logic is to assign leads by territory or by the type of service/product they are interested or using a round robin process of even rotation.
  3. Leads are generally considered potential people you can do business with that are not qualified yet.
  4. Qualifying a lead is confirming that you can actually do business with them. So typically the status’s of the Lead are Open, Contacted, Qualified and Unqualified. Every business has a different way of qualifying a lead but it could be simply just that the person is actually in need of the service or product you offer. For example you may get an email inquiry from someone asking to buy some tires for their car and that creates a Lead record, but when you see the email, you can see their are looking for just tires. But your company sells cars and not just tires. So that would be an unqualified Lead. Other companies have qualification questions like “what is your budget?” or “Are you a government organization?” or “Do you own a home?” questions that for them allow them to do business with the person and can be considered their qualification process. What ever the process it pretty much comes down to identifying if this Lead is an actual Opportunity before you turn on the sales and pitch mode.
  5. Another common use of Leads is when you get a list of Leads, and you are just not sure if they need or are interested in your product and you perform some cold call campaign.
  6. The Leads object allows you have a place where you can manage this qualification process and keep it seperate from your actual opportunities. However some companies don’t really have this qualification process and it doesn’t make sense to use Leads at all, and just skip to using Accounts/Contact/Opportunities.
  7. A sales rep will track their activities on the Lead like calls, emails, meetings so the history of activity is recorded. Also can set tasks and events to know what you need to do in the future to push this Lead to the next status.
  8. Once a Lead is qualified you then click a “Convert” button which converts the Lead record (a single record) to an Account, Contact, and Opportunity record.
  9. The Account record is the record for the Company. Includes fields like company name, billing address, shipping address, phone, website, etc. Then Contact records are records for individual people who work at the Company and those records are related to the Account. Contact record includes fields like name, mobile, phone, email, title. It is also possible to use Person Accounts which basically combines Account and Contact record into one record.
  10. The Opportunity record is the potential business deal or order for that Account/Company. Opportunity record is where you track this potential deal or transaction. You can have multiple Opportunities for an Account over time.
  11. On the Opportunity have you have the Opportunity Name, which is a name to reference this deal. Then you have a Close Date where you are estimating when you might close the opportunity and Amount where you estimate how much the opportunity is worth.
  12. Then you have the Stage where you track the different stages of the Opportunity. A common Stage picklist is something like Scoping, Quote Sent, Verbal Agreement, Closed Won, Closed Lost.
  13. Now on the Opportunity you can optionally add Products to the Opportunity to create a quote and pricing.
  14. You can create your products/services you offer in Sales Cloud with Product Name, Product Code, Product Family. Then create different pricebooks or just have one pricebook and add prices for the products.
  15. You can add those products to the opportunity setting the product, quantity, and price with the price defaulting to the price you set but can be overridden.
  16. Then you can create a Quote for the Opportunity and it will copy the opportunity products over. And from that Quote you can add some other information about the quote and generate a PDF of the quote and email it to the customer.
  17. You will also track your activities on the Opportunity to know what has been done and what needs to be done next.
  18. You can use Chatter as an internal communication tool on the records instead of email which is very useful.
  19. You can also set Forecasts like quotas in a basic way using Sales Cloud. These are forecasts or targets for a quarter for a year for each person. And you can see how you are doing from the Opportunities tracked against your forecasts.
  20. You can also track Campaigns in Sales Cloud. This is pretty basic tracking of a campaign effort like an email blast, a direct mail, or a tradeshow or an ad in a magazine for example. You can record your costs for that campaign, record who you sent the campaign to if that applies, then track the response of each person in that campaign. Or tag new leads and opportunities as a result of that campaign.
  21. Then you can see the Opportunities that closed won and the value roll up to that campaign and see your ROI.

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Our implementation service of Salesforce Sales Cloud Processes includes:

  • Tracking of your Leads
  • Accounts/Companies
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Building your Products or Services
  • Creating Pricebooks and adding prices to your products.
  • Tracking quotes, and building a basic quote template for pdf email send.
  • Setup Forecasts
  • Setup Lead Assignment Rules
  • Configure Outlook Sync if you want to sync your outlook events, tasks, and contacts.
  • Chatter setup
  • Campaigns
  • Customize fields to meet your needs. Assuming basic customizations of standard fields like Lead Status, Opportunity Stages, Opportunity Types, and a few custom fields needed unique to your company.
  • Modify Page Layouts so they make sense for your process. Page layouts organize the fields on the fields the way they are displayed when looking at a record.
  • Setup Record Types if needed which allows you to have a different sales stage or different layouts for different types of accounts, leads, or opportunities, etc.
  • Configure Email to Lead where we setup an email address you can forward your emails to and it will auto create a lead in Salesforce.
  • Create a Web 2 Lead form that is html code that needs to be embedded into your website’s contact form so when someone fills it out it will create a lead in Salesforce.
  • Setup any Validation Rules required for your needs which is requirements for fields or permissions around certain conditions. For example if you want to require the Lost Reason field to be filled out if the Opportunity Stage was set to Closed Lost.

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A5 Differentiators

  • At A5, we are about more than just systems implementation. Our A5 offerings (Audit, Advise, Align, Attain, Assist) span the entire software ownership lifecycle and that mindset permeates each aspect of our service delivery. We understand that most of the work happens around and outside of the implementation and we are happy to guide and assist you each step of the way.
  • At A5, with hundreds of sales cloud implementations across verticals, our team of experts understand your complex business processes converting them into simple business solutions to drive your business forward. Our highly certified and experienced team of functional and technical consultants, architects and project managers work with your teams catering to your business needs implementing business solutions using the industry best practices.
  • At A5, we utilize a hybrid Agile/Waterfall methodology that allows for and anticipates the learning that often accompanies a deep dive into our Salesforce implementation and enablement. This flexibility allows us to work with you to create a solution that will work for your sales team while creating a high sense of ownership within both the user and admin groups. We follow this up with a rigorous testing cycle to ensure platform accuracy and effectiveness prior to system launch. We’ve found this hybrid approach to be the most successful way to deliver quality projects and platforms to our clients – on time, on budget, and with high adoption.
  • At A5, we accelerate your digital transformation thru our breath of services across multiple platforms helping us package customized solutions that will meet all of your business needs.

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Charles Scripps, Board Member

Chad has over ten years of experience investing in dynamic, growing businesses in diverse industries and geographies. His private equity experience includes HIG Capital, which has over $12B in capital under management, and AEA Investors, which manages over $3B of invested and committed capital. While at HIG and AEA, Chad led diligence, structuring, and financial analysis of potential and existing investments, and completed transactions in the industrial products and consumer services industries. Chad also has experience investing in the public equity markets, most notably as a Managing Director at Fox Point Capital, a $1B fund seeded by Julian Robertson of Tiger Management. He invested across a number of industries, including industrials, financials, technology, and consumer products, and led Fox Point’s international research. Prior to focusing his career on investing, Chad was a management consultant at McKinsey and Company, solving strategic problems for the world’s leading companies. Chad earned an MBA with Honors in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BS with Distinction in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lester F. Alexander II, Board Member

Les Alexander is a partner with Jefferson Capital Partners where he provides mezzanine and equity capital for growth and buyout transactions. Mr. Alexander is a member of the firm’s investment committee and serves on the board of directors of several portfolio companies where he is actively involved in strategic planning and corporate governance. Prior to joining Jefferson Capital, he worked at Advantage Capital Partners where he completed several portfolio company investments and served on the investment committee. Before becoming a private equity investor, Mr. Alexander served as president of Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc., a leading fire truck and emergency vehicle manufacturer. At Ferrara, he was responsible for managing a workforce of 450 employees producing over 300 vehicles annually for its domestic and international customers. As an investment banker for 15 years with such firms as Howard Weil, Southcoast Capital, and J.C. Bradford & Co., Mr. Alexander completed over 50 public offerings of debt and equity securities, private placements, and merger and acquisition transactions totaling more than $7 billion for public and private companies in a variety of industries. Mr. Alexander is an adjunct professor at Tulane University and Loyola University where he teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in investment banking, private equity & venture capital, advanced financial management, investments, and entrepreneurship. He is also the board president for Benjamin Franklin High School, a public charter school in New Orleans. Mr. Alexander is the former Chairman Finance of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and served on the global Board of Directors. He is a founder of the Louisiana chapter of ACG and was a recipient of the ACG global Meritorious Service Award and the Louisiana chapter’s Outstanding Service Award. Mr. Alexander received his bachelor of science in Commerce from the University of Virginia in 1989 and his MBA from the University of North Carolina in 1993.

Patrick F. Healy, Board Member

Based in Kansas City, Mr. Healy is a co-founder of C3 Capital. He has been an active private equity investor since 1985 and was a co-founder of C3 Holdings in 1994. Prior to this time, he sponsored and structured equity investments in real estate. He gained extensive workout and restructuring experience as chair of the creditor’s committee of a $1 billion bankruptcy and from being called upon to rescue a publicly-traded company from a major fraud. Mr. Healy was a senior tax partner at Mayer Hoffman McCann, a regional CPA firm, for eleven years. He received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Kansas.

Chris Waters, VP of Strategic Sales

As Vice President of Strategic Sales, Chris guides and influences all strategic sales activities at A5 , starting in presales activities, successful sales methodology, sales process, and continued revenue generation and expansion opportunities. Furthermore, he will provide oversight in strategic sales function for the company and develop strategic sales plans that will promote growth in sales and customer satisfaction. Chris has proven his commitment to sales leadership and organizational success through field leadership as National Sales Manager at Deluxe Corporation, Field Sales Manager within the Social / Analytics Cloud at Oracle, US Regional Manager for CPQ Major Accounts at Oracle and now as Vice President on Sr. Leadership Team at A5.

Keith Fox, GM Salesforce Canada

Keith Fox is a software and consulting veteran for the past 34 years. Keith started his career at EDS which was followed by 4-year stint offshore in Bermuda. Keith then returned to Canada where he held a number of progressive sales and technical positions with software companies such as Sybase, BEA, and Oracle. After his stint with Oracle, Keith founded Cloudware Connections, a premier Salesforce consulting partner. 11 years down the line, Cloudware was acquired by A5, and Keith joined as GM for Canada.

Tarun Sharma, Practice Director and Senior Solution Architect

Tarun Sharma is Vice President Customer Success at A5 and is responsible for customer success, project operations, recruitment, resource utilization and sales operations functions for Oracle practice. As a business and technology leader Tarun helps businesses develop solution strategies to streamline the sales process and improve customer relations to drive revenues, profits and build brand loyalty. Tarun has led customers through digital transformation journeys. He has commanded strategic and tactical initiatives to shorten sales cycles, increase deal values and productivity, improve brand awareness and help organizations become easier to do business with. He has helped customers modernize their sales enablement tools and present a single source of information to support an omni-channel sales approach. This includes global roll-out for multiple business units included multi-currency and multi-language. Tarun graduated from Texas A&M University with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

Adam Rosenfield, VP of Salesforce Practice

As Vice President of A5’s consulting practice – Adam is responsible for both strategic alliances with partners and expanded sales growth through the entire portfolio of A5 services. With over 20 years of Sr. level management consulting expertise – Adam has worn multiple hats in his career including practice development, sales, and client advisory. He has sold & delivered countless enterprise transformational initiatives creating a measurable competitive advantage for his customers. In addition to various technical software certifications, Adam holds an undergraduate and master’s degree in Accounting & Information Technology from the University of Texas at Austin and resides in El Paso Texas with his wife and 3 children.

PJ Alfrejd, CFO

As the CFO, PJ is responsible for all things financial at A5. With over 20 years of experience in financial leadership positions, PJ has worn all the hats required of a growing tech business. His extensive knowledge of the consulting industry, experience with M&A, and strength in operational finance is another catalyst to take A5 to the next level in its growth trajectory. PJ is a CPA with a BS in Accounting from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and has held various finance leadership positions at Exodus/Savvis (acquired by Centurylink), Neohapsis (acquired by Cisco), and mFoundry (acquired by FIS).

Vinay Kruttiventi, President & CEO / Chairman of the Board

As the CEO of A5, Vinay plays an active role in all aspects of the day-to-day business operations. He is also actively involved in establishing strategy and vision for the company, is a customer advocate with Salesforce and Oracle product development, and is also actively involved in various and industry user / special Interest groups. Since founding the company in 2004, Vinay has successfully grown the business into a leading Salesforce and Oracle partner focused on CPQ and ERP. Vinay was a very hands-on implementing and architecting CPQ solutions to over 50 complex transformation projects for various Fortune 500 companies since 1996. Vinay is a leading authority on industry/process/ technology in Configure-Price-Quote and ERP applications. Vinay graduated from Osmania University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree and from JNTU with a Master in Technology degree.