An insulation contractor wanted to streamline their quote process and manage crews in the field. Quotes were tracked in a local system that couldn’t be accessed remotely and did not provide any reports. Estimates change and additional job costs are often uncovered in the field requiring costly back and forth to get new quotes turned around. Tracking job costs was difficult and there were no overall reports on the costs of jobs vs the quote prices.

Solution Implemented:

We implemented Sales Cloud to manage the Opportunity pipeline. Using easy to access chatter actions and some automation, sales users went from sending PDF quotes though a manual process to automatically generating and sending quotes for electronic signature. For generating custom quotes and sending them out for electronic signature, we used our own RS Documents and RS Signature apps. With the push of a button, the quit is generated and the salesperson sends out the link for signature. Speed to market with quotes is critical in contracting and the RS Documents and RS Signature Apps speed up the quote generation process.

We also created a webform and included custom links on the quotes so that customers could pay their deposit electronically further streamlining the quote to cash process. We also automated the creation of work orders once the deal closed and deposits were made, allowing teams in the field to access all pertinent info about the job as well as put in change requests.

Change Request Chatter Action

Automated email alerts throughout the process help prompt the team when action is needed on a job and custom reports and dashboards ensure management has a comprehensive view of their pipeline all the way through to job completion.

Gathering completed job costs was difficult without a mobile system like Salesforce1 so we customized the mobile app for time entry and job costing. Field crews are able to enter their time against a job as well as any inventory used for that job. Reports help management monitor margins and identify successful jobs.

Time Entry Chatter Action