Healthcare Supplier Automation with Salesforce

Automate and make as efficient as possible the order process of supplying diabetes test strips to customers who are on Medicare.  Growth in orders was expected to rise 10 fold within 4 months and do not have the time to build a huge team so need automation.  Phone orders are taken, where the patient needs to be qualified for Medicare, their doctor identified, their doctor must sign a work order for the patient and supplier, and the order must be shipped.  Then a renewal process is needed to send more supplies depending on their prescription.

Hotel Front Desk, Bell, Valet, Operator Communication Program

This hotel was having a breakdown in communication from the guest asking for a bellman and for their valeted car to be pulled up when they were checking out. The problem was the operator taking the information from the guest then needed to call a front desk, who was sometimes too busy to pickup the phone right away. The front desk would then communicate the room that needed the bellman to the bellman by writing the number on a sheet.

Hotel Auto Room Assignment

This timeshare/hotel has very specific guidelines for how to assign the rooms to the guests depending on requests. For example owners of the timeshare get the best rooms, and owners of another property who traded for this one get second priority, etc. Then a lot of guests request a certain view or floor, etc.