Commercial Real Estate Pipeline Management

A commercial real estate firm and long time Salesforce customer self-implemented their instance and was looking to utilize it more thoroughly. Reporting was difficult since data was stored all on the Account level. They also needed an easy way to send out mass emails to clients based on NYC city blocks.

Lease Management For a Growing Startup

A conference space provider needed a way to track leases and remodeling projects across multiple buildings and rooms. The previous process was managed on a spreadsheet and was difficult to track multiple punch lists and costs while allowing multiple users to make changes to the data.

Contractor Quote to Cash Management

An insulation contractor wanted to streamline their quote process and manage crews in the field. Quotes were tracked in a local system that couldn’t be accessed remotely and did not provide any reports. Estimates change and additional job costs are often uncovered in the field requiring costly back and forth to get new quotes turned around. Tracking job costs was difficult and there were no overall reports on the costs of jobs vs the quote prices.

Project Management, Resource Allocation, Time Logging with Salesforce

A marketing consulting company needed to have an extensive project management tool to meet the needs and structure of their current business model. They needed an easy way to initially budget their resource roles that have various cost per hour throughout the time estimated for project completion in a single view. After that they wanted to be able to allocate actual resources based on availability and easily compare to whatever was budgeted. Allocated resources should have a tool to manage their assigned work and log time in a very convenient and efficient way. While management should have all hours, budgeted, allocated, and actual, rolled up to a single view to monitor success of the project.

Office Space Managment, Tour Scheduling, Contract and Payment Automation with Salesforce

A very large co-working and private office space provider in several major cities needed a platform to manage their Sales process of selling office space. They needed an efficient way to book tours to the office space, manage a wait list, and send contracts and get them signed and collect initial payment. At the same time management needs a way to measure performance of all people in the company and view these metrics on a dashboard.

Telecom Broker Ordering, Vendor Bid Management and Commission Tracking with Salesforce

This telecom provider wanted to become more efficient and gathering customer requirements for circuits and then selecting known telecom vendors who could provide the service and sending them a request for proposal and allow them to submit proposals. Then to make the process of reviewing and selecting the Vendor for the order, establishing the margin on pricing, and sending the order form for electronic signature to the customer.