Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that makes sales, service, marketing and more easier for both businesses and their customers. Use the Salesforce applications for small, midsize and enterprise organizations, with a focus on sales and support.

 Make Marketing Easier with Marketing Cloud

  • AI Marketing Insight
    Let the data guide your marketing strategy using AI to automatically identify warm leads, discover new segments and power predictive recommendations.
  • Integrated Approach to Marketing
    Weave your marketing tactics together to present a unified front across all of your mediums such as advertising, marketing, commerce, sales, service, and apps.
  • Easy to Use
    Take advantage of pre-built templates, simple messaging flows, and mobile apps to make creating and executing cross-channel marketing campaigns a breeze.

Marketing Cloud

A5 Oracle Solutions

This unified marketing platform lets marketers get to know their customers personas, engage with them in the way they want across any channel. Use this tool to engage with customers on a personal level for both B2B and B2C audiences.

Process Improvements

A5 Oracle Solutions

  • Email Marketing
  • Journey Builder
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Data Management Platforms
  • Pardot
  • 3rd Party Systems Integration and Data sharing platforms


  • Industry specific templates & pre-built connectors/integrations to save you time & money.
  • Track & integrate every interaction across all business units making meaningful business decisions to promote your brand & increase loyalty.
  • Capture customer data from multiple systems creating a unified customer centric view delivering personalized relevant messages at the right time.

A5 Differentiators

  • At A5, we are about more than just systems implementation. Our A5 offerings (Audit, Advise, Align, Attain, Assist) span the entire software ownership lifecycle, and that mindset permeates each aspect of our service delivery. We understand that most of the work happens around and outside of the implementation and we are happy to guide and assist you each step of the way.
  • At A5, with hundreds of sales cloud implementations across verticals, our team of experts understands your complex business processes converting them into simple business solutions to drive your business forward. Our highly certified and experienced team of functional and technical consultants, architects and project managers work with your teams catering to your business needs implementing business solutions using the industry best practices.
  • At A5, we utilize a hybrid Agile/Waterfall methodology that allows for and anticipates the learning that often accompanies a deep dive into our Salesforce implementation and enablement. This flexibility allows us to work with you to create a solution that will work for your sales team while creating a high sense of ownership within both the user and admin groups. We follow this up with a rigorous testing cycle to ensure platform accuracy and effectiveness before system launch. We’ve found this hybrid approach to be the most successful way to deliver quality projects and platforms to our clients – on time, on budget, and with high adoption.
  • At A5, we accelerate your digital transformation through our breadth of services across multiple platforms helping us package customized solutions that will meet all of your business needs.