Transform Patient Outcomes, Reduce Risk and Transform Operational Efficiencies

A5 helps all players in the healthcare space from payers and providers, pharmacies and medical device companies transform their business to be customer-focused. 

A5 Clients

Our Clients

How Data can Build Trust with Your Customers

A5 Clients

Create a single view of your customers, integrate data from any source and make it actionable

Trigger timely, unique, and meaningful messages, based on real-time customer behaviour

Deliver relevant content on email, mobile, social, ads, and the web

Measure the impact of your business and optimize every interaction

A5 Proven Methodology

Acquire & Retain

  • Convert New Inbound Users
  • Deliver Personalized Messages
  • Engage without medical reasons
  • Drive Advocacy
  • Recruitment of new employees

Reduce Cost

  • Optimize marketing cost 
  • Automate Experiences 
  • Reduce custom integrations 
  • Optimize Data Investments 
  • Call out top-performing programs 

Secure Revenue

  • Bring in more referrals 
  • Promote donations 
  • Higher Conversion Rate 
  • Accelerate Decision Paths