The most important business process for any organization is revenue generation and relationship management. Apttus makes this easy by automating, optimizing and utilizing AI to streamline these functions. Using solutions from Apttus, businesses in any industry and position themselves for greater revenue generation and yield more success.

Apttus Configure-
Price-Quote (CPQ)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ) drastically enhances your sales reps’ effectiveness by automating the quoting process. Qualify client needs and create accurate quotes instantly without errors, every time. Apttus CPQ software identifies the ideal combination of services, products and pricing for each customer’s needs. This tailored solution brings the quote to cash process into the digital age while increasing sales, shortening the sales cycle and improving customer relationships.

A Better System for Quoting

  • Maximize Efficiency & Speed
    With Apttus CPQ, your sales team can generate accurate quotes at lightning speeds.
  • Intelligent Sales Insight
    Improve deal size, boost closing rates, and enhance sales responsiveness with data-driven guided upselling, cross-selling and discounting.
  • Seamless Integration
    Use your existing Salesforce capabilities to rev up productivity and drive global growth.
  • Sell Where You Want, When You Want
    With mobile capability, your team can close any deal, anytime, anywhere.

Motivate Your Sales Team with Apttus ICM

  • Track, Report, Achieve
    Increase performance visibility by measuring earnings and payments at anytime.
  • Automatic Accuracy
    Eliminate human error and duplicate data, resulting in more accurate forecasts of accruals, revenue actuals and enhanced financial compliance.
  • Create Compensation Programs
    Easily configure and maintain bonus programs, commission plans, seasonal contests and sales SPIFFs that motivate sales reps to expedite revenue recognition.

Apttus Incentive Compensation
Management (ICM)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Align your company’s strategic sales goals with your team’s actions using Apttus Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). Using the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™, this solution improves sales performance by creating and managing commissions, bonuses, SPIFFs, contests and more. By integrating sales incentives into revenue-driving business processes, Apttus ICM encourages positive selling behaviors for the sales team and allows sales managers to track performance indicators that directly impact an organization’s bottom line.

Apttus Quote
to Cash

A5 Oracle Solutions

One of the most important processes for your business to understand is the quote-to-cash process. Using Apttus Quote to Cash, your Sales Reps, Customer Service Agents, Legal and Finance departments, and Operations team can have a unified understanding of all existing customer quotes and contracts. This solution creates more visibility within an organization so that all departments can align their actions and create more efficient methods of pushing consumers through sales cycles, embrace new business models, predict future revenue, exceed customer expectations and reduce the likelihood of delays and mistakes.

Quote-to-Cash Advantage

  • Collaboration Between Different Departments
    Align all departments with unified data to create more efficient sales processes.
  • Speed Up Sales Cycles
    Create quicker results by utilizing this solutions to close more deals, faster.
  • Automatic Recommendations
    Sell like a top salesperson with guided selling features that identify the best combination of goods and services for each client.

Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Less Risk with More Reward
    Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), built on Salesforce, helps businesses reduce compliance risks and close more deals.
  • Accelerated Accurate Contracts
    Guided contract wizards and self-service contract portals enable team members to create accurate contracts faster than ever before.
  • Optimize Your Time & Money
    Automate the contracting process so that your team can reduce contract cycle times while simultaneously reducing the risk of errors and minimizing costs.

Apttus CLM
(Billing, Revenue Management, Rebates)

A5 Oracle Solutions

Most elements of business cannot take place without the proper contracts in place. Contracts ensure that all parties involved have a firm understanding of the expectations and responsibilities that go along with a project. Apttus CLM creates a fluid system for contract creation, approval and management. Use this solution to automate your organization’s contract lifecycle management resulting in increased legal compliance, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Apttus CLM is necessity for any company’s Legal, Procurement, IT, Finance and Sales departments.