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Automatic Document Generation
from your Salesforce® Data

Automatically Generating For Word, Or Google Doc

Generate documents from Google Docs templates based on Salesforce® data. Merge any Salesforce data and related data. Generate PDFs, Word Docs, Google Docs and auto attach or email.


  • Merge any Salesforce® Data
  • Create document template using Google Docs
  • Generate PDF, Word, or Google Doc with merged data



A5 Electronic Signature

A5 Apps

Electronic Signature
with Google Docs


Streamlined e-Signature Process

Send a Google Doc for electronic signature automatically. Recipient receives email with link to sign the document and clicks to view/sign. Signature status is updated in Salesforce® automatically. Simple & non-branded.


  • Send document for e-signature from Salesforce®
  • Use A5 Documents to generate Google Docs and send for signature
  • Draw your signature using a mouse or touch pad on tablet


A5 Ship App

A5 Oracle Solutions

Create and Track Shipments:


Automate Shipping Processes

Manually or automatically create shipping labels with your UPS, USPS, or FedEx account. Automatically track shipment status on all shipments and further automate processes.


  • Manually or Automatically create shipping labels
  • Automatically track shipment status
  • Check shipping rate options and select for shipment



A5 Apps

Fax Automation:
eFax Integration


eFax for Salesforce &Streamlined Fax Automation

The first Salesforce® App to integrate eFax, the most popular electronic fax solution, to provide basic sending and receiving of faxes from inside Salesforce®. Complete automation to send documents and receive them using barcode identification features.


  • eFax and Salesforce® Integration
  • Send and receive faxes in Salesforce®
  • Fax automation and fax barcoding