Hotel Auto Room Assignment

This timeshare/hotel has very specific guidelines for how to assign the rooms to the guests depending on requests. For example owners of the timeshare get the best rooms, and owners of another property who traded for this one get second priority, etc. Then a lot of guests request a certain view or floor, etc.

Hotel Late Checkout Program

Many hotels offer late checkouts to their guest. However they have to usually set a limit so that they don’t have problems checking in the new guests for that day. Setting these limitations were being based off information that didn’t really have an impact on the operation. The number of late checkouts given to guests was minimal to none on high occupancy days. Sometimes problems still arose with rooms not being cleaned on time even when these guidelines were used.

Housekeeping Inventory Tracking Program

Housekeeping department needed way to more effectively know when they need to order more supplies and speed up the process of ordering supplies so they were never caught short. The current process included taking a checklist back to the supply rooms and counting boxes and bottles to determine if they were over or under the level desired.